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Home Page for Ear Training On the Run

Hear It. Sing It. Play It.

Ear Training on the Run is a series of audio courses designed to teach musicians and aspiring musicians to identify intervals and chords, solely by listening. Learning these fundamental skills will greatly enhance your ability and improve your skills with your musical instrument or voice.


"I like the way lessons focus on one small topic, allowing a thorough workout with that featured topic within a short amount of time. I enjoyed the lessons, with references to real life musical examples, the opportunity to really participate with the activities, and with the teacher's friendly encouragement along the way."

- Roberta Radley, Assistant Chair of the Ear Training Dept, Berklee College of Music

Because there’s never enough time to practice.

Because this is not an application, you can learn "hands free" anytime, anywhere you can listen to an MP3: in the car or train, on the way to school or work, while exercising, housecleaning, doing laundry or walking the dog. Each lesson can be played as many times as you need to learn the material.

woman doing laundrylistening to Ear Training on the Run

"So straightforward I've run out of excuses not to do it. Just put in a lesson and let it play- great for in the car, on the run, at the gym."

- Jon Lupfer Recording Studio Owner

Who Needs Ear Training on the Run?

  • Music students learning ear training for the first time. 

  • Amateur and part time musicians looking to improve their playing and singing skills. 

  • Professional musicians looking to brush up on their listening skills.

  • Anyone interested in learning about the language of music. Even if you don't sing or play an instrument, you will enjoy being able to recognize these intervals in the music you're hearing every day.


"What a great idea this is ! I've known the talented Gaye Tolan Hatfield for many years now, and her warm and supportive manner comes through loud and clear on these lessons. A great tool for people who really want to dig a little deeper on their musicianship skills. Highly recommended."

- Peter Eldridge, New York Voices 

Developed by an Ear Training teacher with over 25 years from the Berklee College of Music.

The first course in our Ear Training Series, "2 Note Intervals"  teaches you to hear all of the intervals, both ascending and descending,  between a minor 2nd and a Perfect Octave. Once you've mastered the “2 Note Intervals”, you'll be ready for the more advanced course “Triads”, where you will apply your new skills towards identifying common triads and their inversions; including major, minor, augmented, diminished and sus4. These audio lessons feature time tested Ear Training techniques including song association, inner hearing, and call and response. At the end of each lesson, theres a quiz so students can see how they’ve done.

Click here to get started Ear Training on the Run!

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